Fall 2016 HSS Celebration of Student Achievement

HSS Celebration Program Now Available!

The program for this Wednesday’s event is now available and can be downloaded here: 2016 HSS COSA Program. Please join us Wednesday, December 7th, for this exciting event!


Registration for the HSS Celebration is open

The HSS Celebration of Student Achievement will be held on Wednesday, December 7th. The Celebration is wonderful opportunity to showcase the achievements of students in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). A combination of posters, oral presentations, panel discussions, and other sessions will feature work completed for a(n) independent research course, senior thesis or capstone course, internship, conference presentation, or other scholarly, applied, or creative experience.

A complete schedule of events will be posted on this web site a week before the Celebration.

Event date: December 7th, 2016

Event time: 11:00pm-5:00pm

For additional information about the event, including registration instructions and frequently asked questions click HERE.

Questions about the event should be directed to Dr. Daniel Bowen, Chair of the HSS Undergraduate Research Council: bowend@tcnj.edu.